Electronics Design

Completed several projects from electronics system level design down to the finest detail of an analog signal conditioning front end.


Experience in designing multi-layer PCB in Altium Designer. SMT, high-speed design, DC/DC converters, I/O protection and EMC.

Embedded Systems

Made several designs with chips from Microchip, Atmel and ST – ranging from 8-bit 4MHz up to 32-bit 180MHz microcontrollers. Wrote firmware for devices communicating over USB, Ethernet, Radio and Serial (SPI, I2C, UART).

Low Power

Keen interest in efficient & low power electronics. Built custom measurement electronics for low-power analysis down to uA’s and high sample speed. Created DIY IoT domotica network using 868MHz RF modems that last years on 2 AA batteries.


I am a self-educated programmer starting when I was 11 years old building websites in HTML, CSS and PHP. Later on my interests expanded to desktop software programming, reverse engineering, control engineering and firmware development. I am acustomed to programming in the languages, C, C++, C# and Python. In various projects I've reverse engineered binary ciphered file formats and memory signature scanning techniques for self-initiated data mining from various PC simulators.

  • Software Development
  • Firmware development
  • Reverse engineering
  • Control engineering


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